• Welcome to Trans!

    Welcome to Trans!

    Trans Associates specializes in providing transportation engineering with planning and design services.  Our project delivery focuses on providing responsive service, technical proficiency and comprehensive value based solutions.

  • Traffic Engineering Services

    Traffic Engineering Services

    From development impact studies to regional network analyses, we develop appropriate solutions for the needs of our clients.

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  • Design Services

    Design Services

    Our engineering services and deliverables promote efficiency, value, function, and sustainability from concept through construction.

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  • Traffic Signal and Signal System Design Services

    Traffic Signal and Signal System Design Services

    Complete design, optimization, and management solutions from simple systems to intelligent, adaptive networks.

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  • Parking Consulting Services

    Parking Consulting Services

    Creative solutions for developing and managing inventory, demand, and circulation.

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  • Multimodal Planning and Design

    Multimodal Planning and Design

    A comprehensive approach to providing safe and efficient movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

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Traffic Engineering

At the foundation of Trans Associates is our expertise in assessing all types of traffic demands, patterns, habits, and safety considerations


Design Services

Whether optimizing or reconstructing dense urban street networks, negotiating sensitive rural terrain for a highway, or obtaining a local driveway permit, our goal is to provide appropriate, cost effective solutions.


View Our Portfolio

View our portfolio of Representative projects. We have a robust library of entries covering all the details of our past projects.

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Trans Associates is a recognized regional leader in providing transportation engineering and planning services, including traffic engineering, roadway design, traffic signal design, parking studies, and multi-modal transportation engineering, for a wide range of private and public clients.  Our extensive industry knowledge and experience will take your project from concept to construction.  Contact us today for solutions to your traffic and transportation engineering needs.

June is ARLE month at Trans Associates!

If your community is in need of funding to upgrade signals, make pedestrian safety improvement or address school zone safety in your community, now is the time to act!

The ARLE funding program is 100% state funded which means that grant sponsors will not be required to come up with a percentage of matching funds.  Trans Associates helps  clients to identify a project for funding then assists with the application process.  If the project is awarded, we assist with record keeping through project completion to ensure there are no issues with the flow of funds.

If you would like to learn more about how Trans Associates can help pursue this opportunity for your community, please contact Mark Szewcow at Trans Associates, 412-490-0630, szewcowm@transassociates.com.