Comprehensive Transportation Planning

A well designed transportation plan can protect the safety of the public, reduce impact on the environment and spur economic development. The landscape of transportation planning is changing with the advent of autonomous vehicles, private car hire services and ride sharing. In many cities and college campuses, bicycle use is surging. These conditions create new demands upon planners to keep up with the transportation component of comprehensive master plans.

Trans Associates has participated in the development of many comprehensive transportation plan studies. The purpose of these studies is to evaluate the impact of future land use changes within the municipalities and townships under various development scenarios and to determine the roadway network needs for each comprehensive plan. Tasks include land use review, trip generation projections, traffic data collection and summary, projection of future conditions for traffic design, report preparation, public meetings and additional analysis.

Trans Associates works directly with our clients or in partnership with planning firms to provide master planning services related to transportation. We assist with public involvement surveys and meetings.   Our innovative solutions are comprehensive and consider the broader context of environment, budgets, and community goals.  Improvement priorities are developed to improve traffic function, pedestrian safety and aesthetics.

Examples of scope items for master plans may include:

Data Collection – Data collection may involve review of pedestrian and bicycle facilities, loading, service and emergency access,  dock facilities, public transportation, access studies, intersection studies, crash analysis, ridership surveys, and trip generation reports.

Traffic Analysis – Analysis is performed to include traffic volume analysis, roadway conditions and capacity, traffic operations analysis,  future year projections and mitigation measures.  Specific concerns for intersections, queuing, turning maneuvers, visibility, signage and safety can be included.

Parking Analysis – Parking services include the development of parking management plans, parking lot design, circulation studies, striping and signage plans.  Plans provide detailed information regarding parking assignments and usage and become part of the overall transportation management plan with parking demand projections going out 10 or more years.

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) – TDM plans help to improve the efficiency of a transportation system by providing travelers, mostly single-occupancy private vehicle drivers, with alternative options for travel. Trans Associates assists our clients in the development of TDM strategies addressing all modes of transportation.

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