#1 Cochran Dealership Relocation

Trans Associates was retained as an engineering consultant by Echo Real Estate Services and #1 Cochran to perform a traffic impact study and roadway design services for the relocation of the dealership.  #1 Cochran wanted to create a “Mega Center” to accommodate their growth reflected in being one of the largest dealerships in Western Pennsylvania.

Two intersections were analyzed for this relocation:

  •       William Penn Highway (S.R. 0022) with Old William Penn Highway
  •       William Penn Highway (S.R. 0022) with the proposed new driveways for the #1 Cochran MegaCenter (the center is located on both the northern and southern sides of William Penn Highway (S.R. 0022)

The dealership includes six buildings accommodating seven (7) automotive brands as well as a used car dealership and a quick serve auto service center.  The study encompassed the area surrounding the entire 65,000+ square foot complex.

Trans Associates’ traffic impact study recommended the installation of a traffic signal at the new driveways, along with the widening of William Penn Highway (S.R. 0022) to provide additional turning lanes to allow for easy access to either side of the development.

Services included data collection, traffic analysis, determination of current and future traffic volumes, and roadway design services.