Capital University Law School Parking Study

As is the case with most institutions, there is only so much real estate available to accommodate improvements and anticipated growth. Often there are competing interests and differing agendas competing for space. Trans Associates (TA) assisted Capital University Law School (CULS) by providing a framework from which future development decisions could be viewed in terms of the impact made to parking.


Data Collection and Analysis – (TA) performed parking accumulation counts for all parking spaces on the CULS campus for both day and evening classes. At the time of the parking accumulation counts, the license plate numbers of the parkers in each parking space, during each hour, for the 14-hour data collection period were recorded.  This data was analyzed to determine the parking durations and turnover.

ADA Parking Study – ADA parking was also evaluated for compliance to the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

Parking Demand Model – The university distributed a transportation survey of faculty, staff and students and the responses were analyzed by TA.  The survey responses revealed some interest in transportation benefit programs such as bus passes and bike share. TA used the survey results to determine the parking demand factors that were incorporated into the parking demand model.  This model can be used to predict future parking needs.