City of Pittsburgh Central Business District Traffic Signals Project

Signal Design Services

Trans Associates was retained by The City of Pittsburgh to lead a team of consultants to perform signal upgrades at (41) intersections and to design signals at (4) currently unsignalized intersections throughout the City’s Central Business District.

Our team will also design five expansions to the City’s central traffic control system (CTRTCS) and will coordinate with a sixth expansion being designed by others. Each expansion will be designed to use existing conduit to the extent possible, but will use new conduit and/or overhead connections when necessary. In addition, TA will design a connection between the City’s traffic control and PennDOT’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) that will allow the City to monitor and use PennDOT’s freeway surveillance cameras. This connection will be designed to connect with PennDOT’s existing fiber optic-cable located along the Parkway Central adjacent to Fort Pitt Boulevard, and will use existing and new conduits to connect into the City’s control room in the City County Building.

This project is estimated to be completed in the Spring of 2010.

Services provided by Trans Associates’ team will include:

  • Traffic signal design
  • Preliminary and final roadway design
  • Traffic analysis
  • Preliminary and final field survey
  • Preliminary and final existing utilities investigation/relocation
  • Level 1b Category Exclusion Evaluation (CEE)
  • Preliminary and final Erosion and Sedimentary Control Plan
  • Preliminary and final Right-of-Way Investigation
  • Regulatory and parking signage
  • P.S.&E. Submission