Homewood Pedestrian Improvements Project

The  Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Pittsburgh received TAP* funding to enhance pedestrian safety in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The goal was to improve pedestrian safety and promote Safe Routes To School in the vicinity of Faison Elementory.  Trans Associates provided transportation engineering and design services for the project as a prime contractor to the URA.

The pedestrian needs study to identified and prioritized improvement recommendations. Public meetings were held to present findings and confirm work scope. The PennDOT project development process was used to finalize design plans and prepare documents for bidding on PennDot’s ECMS system.

Design Improvements Included

  • ADA ramp designs and new sidewalk/curb replacements
  • Flashing School Speed Limit Warning Devices by Faison Elementary
  • Improved LED Lighting under the busway and railroad underpasses
  • New thermoplastic pedestrian crosswalks and signage plan
  • Street furnishings including benches, bike racks, trash receptacles, tree pits
  • Traffic calming on Finance Street which included speed humps
  • Pedestrian scale lighting

* Transporation Alternatives Program funding from PennDOT