Lawn Plaza Truck Parking Study & Lot Design

Truck spaces in parking lots along the turnpike in Pennsylvania are difficult to find. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) is taking steps to address this problem.  Under a design open end with the Turnpike, Trans Associates evaluated 38 sites for potential truck parking expansions. This list was culled down to 18 through a series of consensus building meetings and increasingly intensive investigation and data collection and analysis. The driving factors were cost, need and constructability. A rating system was developed to evaluate each proposed site and six sites were identified as finalists.  Conceptual design plans and detailed concept level estimates were provided for each location.

Trans Associates was given the go-ahead to design a new truck parking facility at the Lawn Service Plaza located at Milepost 258.77 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  Work scope included field survey, significant utility coordination and environmental permitting, pavement design, completion of plans, specs and estimates packages for bidding, traffic control plans, stormwater management, lighting plans and construction consultation. A total of 77 new truck parking spaces was added.