Pennsylvania Turnpike Systemwide Truck Parking Study

In 2015, Trans Associates Engineering Consultants, Inc. (TA) was tasked by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) under an open end contract to complete a Systemwide Truck Parking Improvement Study. The purpose of the study was to identify measurable and implementable short term strategies to improve truck parking capacity along the PTC. Key amenities for potential  parking sites were lighting, availability of restroom facilities, trash disposal services and ITS systems.

TA began with initial document research related to existing studies and facilities in other states, a review of applicable legislation, available funding and ITS options for notification of parking availability. A total of 38 locations were initially identified although more than half were quickly dismissed through identification of obvious constraints.

Data collection was performed for each remaining site and included field views and photographs, an evaluation of Right-of-Way plans, environmental documentation required by each site, mapping research, property ownership and zoning, historical construction costs and PASDA aerial mapping for topography. This process eliminated 4 additional sites from consideration. The remaining 14 sites were then rated and ranked independently via both point system (ranking need, cost and constructability), and by subjective poll of participating PTC staff. Six sites were selected for final consideration and the development of conceptual design plans and detailed concept level estimates.

The PTC ultimately selected the Lawn Service Plaza for development and Trans Associates was subsequently selected as prime consultant for the Auxiliary Truck Parking Lot Design.