Lemont Traffic Signal Design

Signal Design

Trans Associates was retained by College Township to provide a new traffic signal design for the intersection of Pike Street (S.R. 3011) / Branch Road (S.R. 3011) / Elmwood Street (S.R. 3010) / Boalsburg Road (S.R. 3010). The objective was to design an upgraded traffic signal and assure that the required easement area would be sufficient to accommodate the new signal pole location.

The project entailed: decorative traffic signal pole bases, painted black traffic signal poles and controller assembly cabinet, overhead street name signs with green background, Light Emitting Diode (LED) vehicular and pedestrian signals, pedestrian pushbuttons, replacement of the existing “signal ahead” assembly (including pole), emergency vehicle preemption, crosswalks on three sides of the intersection, and MMA (methyl methacrylate) durable pavement markings.

Trans Associates’ services included:

  • Preliminary Traffic Signal Design including preparation of construction plans and review of clearance intervals.
  • Final Traffic Signal Design including wiring diagrams, permit drawings, construction cost estimates, and bid forms.