Liberty Avenue Bicycle Lane

The City of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning created a bicycle plan in order to make bicycling within the City safer, more convenient, and more accessible to residents.

The City retained Trans Associates to create a manual of policies and guidelines for bicycle facilities within the City of Pittsburgh.  In 2007, our firm was asked to perform a traffic study at various locations including Liberty Avenue, to determine the feasibility of installing bicycle lanes on the street.

Trans Associates conducted a field investigation of the study area last year and recommended the installation of bicycle lanes along Liberty Avenue between Herron Avenue and 45th Street/Canoe Way.

Shared roadway bicycle lane markings, a fairly new innovation adopted in California, were recommended.  The markings are typically used when roadway widths cannot accommodate a separate bicycle-only lane and are intended to demonstrate to bicyclists and motorists the location within the shared lane that could be used by bicyclists safely away from parked cars.

Trans Associates’ services included:

  • Field investigation
  • Coordination with the Department of Public Works
  • Preparation of a summary findings report