Northstar Development, Southern Delaware County, OH

Northstar Golf Resort is a development of nearly 1,290 acres in southern Delaware County, Ohio, near the interchange of I-71 with US 36/SR 37. The original development plan called for building approximately 900 single-family homes, 270 multi-family dwelling units, 200 Tennis & Swim Club Villa units, 860,000 square feet of office development, an 18-hole golf course, and a passive recreation park with approximately 36 acres reserved for elementary and middle schools. The 2005 development plan included the improvement and realignment of Wilson Road between North Galena Road and Carters Corner Road – along with the extension of Wilson Road west of North Galena Road and south to a new intersection with US 36/SR 37.


Traffic Studies – Data Collection and analysis, access and circulation studies, traffic signal warrants.

Design – Concept design alternatives for interchange, traffic signal design.

Transportation Planning – Site access and circulation planning, intersection design, roadway design concepts.