OSU West Campus Innovation District

The vision for The Ohio State University’s (OSU) West Campus Innovation District brings together the academic and research synergy of OSU with partners in innovation and entrepreneurship. This project demonstrates Trans Associates’ high level planning capability and expertise in assessing transportation networks in large scale complex developments.

Phase 1 includes a 60,300 SF Energy Research Facility; a 330,400 SF interdisciplinary research building; a 398,800 SF Wexner Medical Center Ambulatory and Proton Facility; and, a 100,000 SF research facility.

Phase 2 includes: 143,610 SF of office/innovation; construction of two additional interdisciplinary research buildings yielding 641,600 SF of additional space; expansion of the Ambulatory and Proton Facility by 325,000 SF; and, construction of a mixed-use town center with 1,485 apartments and 460,000 SF of office/innovation space.

Trans Associates assisted with master planning efforts for all development on West Campus. Following the adoption of an overall plan, Trans Associates undertook traffic studies to identify transportation requirements to accommodate the early phases of development. The primary purpose of the traffic study was to define roadway system needs to properly accommodate the planned West Campus Phase 1 developments.

The study of roadway and intersection improvements/modifications considered potential traffic growth over the next ten years. All Phase 2 developments were assumed to be constructed by 2033. Trans Associates continues to be involved with access, circulation, transit, and roadway planning as part of a team that has the challenge of defining infrastructure needs to properly accommodate proposed development aspects of the West Campus Innovation District.