Woodruff Avenue & Tuttle Park Place Rebuild

Trans Associates was part of a multi-disciplinary team selected by The Ohio State University (OSU) to provide design services for the reconstruction of Woodruff Avenue and Tuttle Park Place. Placemaking was a primary goal of the project. OSU wanted to establish a gateway entrance onto the campus with accompanying streetscape amenities.

Trans Associates’ initial role in the project was as transportation planner.   Traffic volumes were defined and various roadway plan alternatives were assessed using traffic capacity software which resulted in a preferred traffic plan. Design services were subsequently provided for the traffic signals where warranted, including the upgrade of the facilities to  mast arm signals incorporating LEDs for all pedestrian and vehicular signal heads.  

Pedestrian safety features were also upgraded to include signalized and non-signalized crossings and ADA compliant sidewalks and curb ramps. New MUTCD requirements were built into the design for the ADA ramps,as well as pedestrian push buttons for crosswalks. Traffic signal timings were coordinated.

TA provided the plans and specification for the project on time and within budget.