Parking Study, Lawrenceville Section of Pittsburgh

Parking Consulting

Once UPMC Children’s Hospital moved to Lawrenceville, the area experienced significant growth and development.  Trans Associates assisted the Lawrenceville Corporation in studies to improve traffic flow and safety condition for pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists.  The study and subsequent update focused on existing conditions centralized around the Butler Street corridor.  The goal was to identify both current parking utilization and the  potential parking opportunities that would optimize parking conditions within the area of study.

Through a collaborative community involvement process, a phased program of desired improvements were developed and prioritized. Recommendations included intersection and traffic signal improvements to enhance safety and operations for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit and vehicles at gateway intersections to Lawrenceville. Preferred parking locations were identified and bike corrals were recommended for the high volume of bicyclists parking in the area. The follow up study recommended metered parking to limit day-long parking and encourage vehicle turnover on Butler Street.