Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Transportation Study

The City of Pittsburgh requires that Institutional Master Plans (IMP) studies must be completed and on file with the City prior to the institution receiving permitting for future development. Trans Associates assisted Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (PTS) and VEBH Architects in the completion of the transportation aspects of the IMP.  The transportation study determined the traffic, parking, pedestrian, bicycle and loading impacts of the PTS 10 Year Master Plan.

Services Performed

  • Data collection included peak period traffic counts that included heavy vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles for seven intersections. Crash data was obtained and evaluated for these intersections as well.
  • Analysis of current and future traffic volumes with and without the master plan development in place.
  • Development of a survey to understand the transportation characteristics and needs of Seminary faculty, staff and students.
  • A Parking study evaluated faculty, student and staff usage history and home zip codes, class schedules, 10 year student projections and parking space inventory. Developed a campus-specific parking demand model for use in evaluation of various future options. Developed a Parking Management Plan for all on-campus parking.
  • Preparation of transportation sections of IMP report.