Queen City Trail, Titusville PA

Trans Associates was retained by Weber Murphy Fox to help to determine whether the Queen City Trail can be expanded from its northwest terminus at the intersection of Main Street and Route 8 in Titusville to the Borough of Hydetown. The study will culminate in a preliminary plan that provides information on what options are available to create a route from Titusville west approximately six miles to Hasbrouck Park in Hydetown. A Bicycle Suitability Map and Plan Connecting Titusville to Existing Bicycle PA Routes and Neighboring Communities will be prepared.

TA is principally responsible for collecting data on the identified routes. In addition to the Queen City Trail expansion, over 150 miles of share-the-road routes radiating from Titusville connecting to PA Bike Routes G, V and Y are being evaluated. TA is collecting data in accordance with PennDOT Pub. 13M, Design Manual Part 2 and Form D-310, Planning and Programming Checklist for Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities. Using PennDOT Straight Line Diagrams, TA is identifying the following information:

  • Length of each section
  • Number of lanes per section
  • Paved shoulders per section
  • Width of road per section
  • Outside lane width
  • Shoulder width
  • Width of parking (if applicable)
  • Debris on roadway shoulders
  • Pavement conditions for lane and shoulder
  • Heavy traffic volumes
  • Speeds
  • Narrow bridges
  • Unsafe drainage grates
  • Highway interchange ramp crossings
  • Frequent driveways
  • Intersections (signalized and unsignalized)

The project, funded through DCNR, is in the preliminary stages of development.