Steitz Road Widening, Delaware County, OH

Trans Associates is the prime engineer on this one mile widening project in Delaware County, OH.  With development increasing in the area, the County wanted to widen the roadway to 24′ with safety shoulders, improve drainage and realign an S-curve to meet a 45-mph design.

Transportation Study – The study phase in 2018 determined the most effective storm water management system which informed roadway design.

Roadway Design – Design covered one mile of roadway which included a tie-in point on Steitz Road 450’ north of the project area to match a separate roadway design project underway by others.

Pavement Design – With the exception of potential curve widening along the improved S-curve midway through the existing alignment, TA utilized the existing alignment and profile with a variable-thickness resurfacing course to minimize excavation. The location of longitudinal sawcut lines were determined through an evaluation of the existing pavement condition with the intent to salvage existing pavement where feasible.

Drainage Design – The corridor is located directly along a drainage basin ridge between the Olentangy and Scioto Rivers, creating a lack of drainage outlets for roadway stormwater. TA worked closely with the DCEO to identify and locate existing field tiles that would ultimately be the only positive outlets available to the corridor. A standard ditch section was determined to encroach excessively into residential front yards, and was successfully replaced with a full-length storm sewer system designed with minimal grades to avoid deep trenches. Stormwater BMP’s will be designed to provide water quality and volume.