Walter Business Park

Trans Associates was retained to conduct a traffic impact study for the Walter Business Park located in Greenfield Township, Blair County, PA. The park consisted of 80-acres and a 124,000 SF corporate headquarters space. To support the proposed development, a planned connector road with new intersections was included in the study.

Trans Associates completed a feasibility study to determine the appropriateness of the site location relative to traffic impacts, trip distribution and access points. In addition to capacity analysis and trip planning, an assessment was made of the historic bridges within the environs of the site. Due to the current state of the bridges, it was determined to reroute all truck traffic around them.

Trans Associates provided data collection, traffic analysis, and recommendations on traffic mitigation measures for the proposed business park. An extensive evaluation of the signalized intersections was performed within the study area. An existing 5-way intersection was modified to include turning lanes and added advance left-turn phasing.

Duquesne University Institutional Master Plan – Transportation Study

Trans Associates revised the previously approved Institutional Master Plan (IMP) to include changes proposed by Duquesne University. The changes included a new location for a building proposed in the IMP, the removal of an existing parking lot, and the addition of a mixed use building. A parking study was updated to include changes in the number of employees that commute daily to the campus since 2020 and the removal of the existing parking lot.

Services included the development of a City of Pittsburgh approved scope of study which included data collection, parking analysis, traffic analysis, site access review, updating the Transportation Demand Management Plan, including Parking Management Plan and meetings with the City and other project consultants.

Rockwell Park, Pittsburgh, PA

Rockwell Park


Rockwell Park is a 23-acre site located in the North Point Breeze neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Once the home to giant industrialists such Rockwell, Edison, Westinghouse, Heinz and Carnegie, the campus has been undergoing a transformation into a thriving mixed use community filled with a diverse set of tenants. The development includes 800,000 SF of commercial space with 8 parking lots totaling 954 spaces.

Trans Associates performed a Transportation Impact Study (TIS) which included data collection, analysis, report preparation and meetings. The required parking space totals were calculated in accordance with the City of Pittsburgh Zoning Code. This included bicycle, ADA and compact car parking requirements.

Services included data collection, traffic analyses, parking analysis, loading analysis and a multimodal study.

Livingston Avenue Pedestrian Study, Columbus, OH

Trans Associates performed a study to evaluate the safety and flow patterns of pedestrian traffic within the Livingston Avenue corridor, adjacent to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Campus located in the City of Columbus, OH. The extent of the study area included a 1.0-mile segment of Livingston Avenue between S 4th Street and S 18th Street consisting of numerous unsignalized and signalized intersections and pedestrian crosswalks servicing components of the NCH campus.The study analyzed and evaluated the following:

  • Existing crosswalk location efficiency relative to existing and forecasted development patterns within the Livingston Avenue corridor;
  • Existing pedestrian safety accommodations based upon observed pedestrian and vehicular traffic data; and
  • The relative impact of the proposed development/expansion of NCH facilities (within 10 years) on parking and pedestrian traffic patterns/accommodations.

Upon conclusion of the study, Trans Associates recommended numerous geometric and traffic control improvements to increase pedestrian safety and driver awareness. Examples  included installation of a median refuge island, thermoplastic crosswalk markings, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) assemblies, new ADA ramps and sidewalk connections.

Existing condition Livingston Ave
Existing condition Livingston Ave

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Transportation Study

The City of Pittsburgh requires that Institutional Master Plans (IMP) studies must be completed and on file with the City prior to the institution receiving permitting for future development. Trans Associates assisted Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (PTS) and VEBH Architects in the completion of the transportation aspects of the IMP.  The transportation study determined the traffic, parking, pedestrian, bicycle and loading impacts of the PTS 10 Year Master Plan.

Services Performed

  • Data collection included peak period traffic counts that included heavy vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles for seven intersections. Crash data was obtained and evaluated for these intersections as well.
  • Analysis of current and future traffic volumes with and without the master plan development in place.
  • Development of a survey to understand the transportation characteristics and needs of Seminary faculty, staff and students.
  • A Parking study evaluated faculty, student and staff usage history and home zip codes, class schedules, 10 year student projections and parking space inventory. Developed a campus-specific parking demand model for use in evaluation of various future options. Developed a Parking Management Plan for all on-campus parking.
  • Preparation of transportation sections of IMP report.

Ollie at Baumhaus

Ollie at Baumhaus is Pittsburgh’s first luxury co-living community located in the Friendship neighborhood. The seven-story, 127-unit development includes 31 micro-studios and shared suites, as well as a mix of traditional one, two and three bedroom units.

Services Provided

Trans Associates performed a Transportation Impact Study to determine the traffic  impacts and parking needs for the development. The study met the requirements as set forth by the City of Pittsburgh. Data collection and analysis was performed and included volumes for cars, trucks, pedestrians and bicycles.

Pedestrian recommendations included the installation of new traffic signal equipment including audible pedestrian warning, pedestrian push-button and countdown equipment for two adjacent intersections.

 Parking and loading were evaluated. The final report included a recommendation to add more than 40 bicycle parking spaces.

SkyVue Apartments

SkyVue Apartments are located in the Oakland neighborhood of the City of Pittsburgh. The development plan for the site included demolishing the former Allegheny County Health Department building and parking lot. Constructed in it place is a new building housing 389 residential units and a structured parking garage with 356 spaces and bicycle parking. Trans Associates assisted with the required permitting with the City and provided transportation engineering and design as well as parking consulting services.

Services Performed

Permitting Assistance – TA prepared the necessary paperwork with requisite graphics for the City of Pittsburgh and met with City representatives to present the scope of work.

Data Collection & Analysis –  Capacity and queuing analysis for the site access plan, intersection analysis using Synchro for seven intersections, and traffic signal warrant analysis.

Parking Consulting – Evaluated the minimum number of parking spaces required by City permitting including ADA and bicycle spaces. Reviewed automobile and truck traffic flow patterns using AutoTurn.

Reports – Included intersection geometry and site driveway lane arrangements. Developed a loading report which addressed anticipated loading activity, loading vehicles and a loading dock managment plan.

Engineering Design – Included access driveways, sidewalks, ADA curb ramps, pavement markings, and preparation of a permit plans package.

Auxiliary Truck Parking Lot Design

Pennsylvania Turnpike Lawn Service Plaza

In 2015, Trans Associates was tasked by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) to complete a Systemwide Truck Parking Improvement Study. The study evaluated existing service plazas and identified other possible locations where land was available to provide truck parking facilities. Lawn Service Plaza was ultimately selected and Trans Associates performed the design of the facility. The goal of this project was to maximize the availability of tractor trailer truck parking at the plaza. The PTC owned adjacent land which was used for this purpose. The design from Trans Associates added 77 dedicated tractor-trailer parking spaces which increased available truck parking by more than five fold.

The project included:

  1. 6.3 acres of full-depth concrete pavement for the truck parking and circulation area;

  2. Installation of signing and pavement markings;

  3. Expansion of an existing stormwater detention basin;

  4. Construction of a new, larger stormwater detention basin to protect exceptional value wetlands;

  5. Repaving of an employee parking area and access road;

  6. Relocation of the electric service for the Plaza underground; and

  7. Upgrades to the plaza-wide LED lighting.

Nearly 5 Football Fields in Size!

Additional infrastructure was also installed for video monitoring of the new lot, and to facilitate a future ITS integration which would provide truck drivers on the Turnpike with advance information that would include parking space availability. The Plaza access points were reconfigured in the design, but remained open during construction for daily deliveries, employee arrivals and turnpike access for emergency vehicles.

Safety Design

The truck parking location was designed to be spatially separated from other classes of vehicles and the many pedestrians using the Plaza. There is a wide wide access from the existing truck ramp and wide aisles for turns and maneuvering. Exclusive pull-through parking bays further minimize conflicts between tractor trailers within the new lot. Lighting for the existing Plaza and the new truck parking area was upgraded with efficient LED lighting to provide safety and security for cars, trucks and pedestrians at night. Additional installed security cameras will enhance safety and security for truckers parking overnight.

Bridge Park Fieldhouse Development

Bridgepark is a rapidly growing area on the east bank of the Scioto River in Dublin, Ohio. The proposed Fieldhouse development includes an arena and office space. The arena will seat approximately 5,000 people, which creates a high volume of trips into a high-density urban area. Finding a way to accommodate site traffic while also maintaining access to existing businesses and residential units is critical to successful approval and operation of the facility.


Parking Study – An event parking plan was developed in cooperation with Engineering and Law Enforcement from both the City of Columbus and the City of Dublin. The plan included temporary one-way streets, use of law enforcement, parking staff, variable message signing and traditional event signing.

Traffic Impact Study – Data collection and analysis of anticipated future traffic volumes, intersection capacity and final report.

Pickaway County Traffic Open End

Trans Associates has proudly served Pickaway County by providing traffic engineering services for more than 10 years. Work scopes have ranged from simple access studies to reviews of traffic studies for large scale developments such as the 383 acre development with 4.4 million SF of automated warehouse space located near Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal.

Services Performed

Traffic Studies – Consult with County officials on various traffic engineering and/or transportation issues and provide appropriate recommendations.

Traffic Impact Study Reviews – Assist in the definition of items to be addressed in traffic impact studies and review submitted studies.

Engineering reviews – Review of traffic signal plans and preliminary site development plans.

Access Studies – Develop recommendations related to proposed site access and internal circulation systems. Recent project included Circleville’s Heritage Nazarene Church and the reevaluation of site access associated with continuing development of Richenbacker Global Logistics Park.

Consulting – Providing engineering or technical advice on other matters as requested by the County.