Morrisville Design Project

Trans Associates (TA) was retained by PennDOT Engineering District 12-0 to assess project need, develop alternatives, complete preliminary and final design, and provide services during construction to improve a highly congested (+/- 25,000vpd), problematic area along U.S. 19 in Greene County, PA.  The initial study area was from the junction of the one-way pair of High Street (US 19 Northbound) and Greene Street (US 19 Southbound) eastward to the intersection of U.S. 19 and SR 0021. Due to funding limitations, the project was split into two phases, with the first phase authorized extending from the northbound/southbound junction of US 19 to the intersection of US 19 and Sugar Run Road (SR 2028).


As part of the Project Needs Study TA developed and evaluated a number of alternatives that were required to mitigate congestion/improve LOS, improve safety, and improve emergency response.  The project needs were met by providing an additional lane of traffic in each direction through the project area, eliminating the bottle neck at the railroad underpass and S.R. 0019/S.R. 2028 intersection, increasing sight distance, providing auxiliary lanes, and providing pedestrian/ADA improvements.  This required extensive geometric design improvements and included a new traffic signal at the intersection of S.R. 0019 and S.R. 2028, as well as the replacement of two major structures:

  1. The existing functionally obsolete S.R. 0019 roadway structure over Ten Mile Creek; and
  2. The existing Norfolk Southern overpass structure.

Maintenance and protection of traffic was a significant design challenge as it was a necessity to maintain two-way traffic at all times through the construction area without any rail traffic disruption on a heavily used rail line.  The design team met these challenges by developing a coordinated plan of design to demolish and construct both the rail overpass and the mainline bridge in half-widths.  A comprehensive program of temporary traffic signals was also developed to match the structure phasing.  Coordination with Norfolk Southern railroad was conducted which also included design and approval of new track geometry on the proposed structure. Significant utility coordination and relocation with electric, communication, water, gas, and two sanitary sewer authorities was required as part of the project.  Complex environmental permitting was required due to the work required in and around Ten Mile Creek. PUC coordination and right-of-way acquisition were also integral parts of the project. TA’s design team developed a complete PennDOT plans package from concept through bid and construction.