Multi-Modal Transportation Planning & Design

Trans Associates is an attentive and active partner in helping communities to plan, design and construct bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Since our firm has a foundation in engineering, we add unique value in the planning and design process for bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Our engineering perspective compels us to technically analyze all modes of transportation within the broader context of the transportation network.  We study the individual modes separately and in relation to the other forms of transportation.  We strive to balance our client’s project goals relative to anticipated safety impacts, sustainability or environmental concerns. 

Our services include public charrettes and visioning workshops, coordination with stakeholders, scoping services, studies, and the engineering and design of pathways and bicycle facilities. 

Our 25+ years of engineering experience provides the basis for understanding the full scope of work tasks involved with project design and development, including drainage and environmental concerns. Unforseen scope items such as environmental permitting can add cost and lead to extended delays if not properly planned for and addressed.  These delays can jeopardize funding expiration dates and the project as a whole.

Speaking of funding, there are many sources available – give us a call today, before you travel too far down the planning path!

Services include:

  • Active Transportation Design
  • ADA compliant design
  • Assistance with funding applications, necessary ordinances and policies
  • Complete Streets Design
  • Facility design
  • Identification of routes and route networks and facilities
  • Pedestrian and bicycle pathway design
  • Public Involvement, charrettes and visioning workshops
  • Separated bike lane planning & design
  • Shuttle System Development
  • Trail Alignment Alternatives Analysis to balance permitting, easements and Right-of-Way

Trans Associates is committed to multi-modal roadway design that incorporates the needs of all users whether the environment is urban, rural or a university or healthcare campus.  Our mission is to move everyone to where they need to be in a safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner regardless of the mode of transportation selected.

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