Defining the Impact of Development

A traffic impact study evaluates the demands placed upon the local transportation network by development. All development generates traffic, and the volume of traffic may necessitate upgrades to the transportation network in the form of turning lanes, signage, driveway additions/modifications, traffic signals or new roadways.

Traffic impact studies are an essential part of the development review process to guide developers and public agencies in making land use decisions where the proposal may have a significant impact on traffic and transportation operations. Increasing traffic congestion causes a number of problems: crashes, economic costs due to delays, air pollution and loss of economic vitality. Studies help to ensure safe and reasonable traffic conditions on streets after development is complete.

Performing Traffic Impact Studies for Developers

Trans Associates provides the studies and guides the process for municipalities to initiate impact fee ordinances. As municipalities gain experience with their impact fee programs, the need for updates to their adopted Transportation Capital Improvements Plan, and in some cases their Land Use Assumptions and Roadway Sufficiency Analysis, have emerged due to changing development trends, impact fee revenue projections and/or the need for or schedule of implementation of capital improvements. Trans Associates assists our municipal clients with updating these plans.

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