Parking solutions for events and venues

Events can attract thousands of new visitors and the parking facility is the first and last impression they will have of the venue. The challenge is in managing the large influx of vehicles that may be arriving or exiting within a small window of time.

Trans Associates is experienced with the strategic planning required to make event parking safe, convenient and efficient. Proper planning will optimize traffic and pedestrian conditions before and after events and help alleviate traffic problems on the surrounding streets.

Although a parking facility always has a limited number of entrances and exits, our team is always creative in identifying the best ways to get cars and RVs off the street and into the parking facility.

Services include:

  • ADA access planning
  • Defining appropriate number of parking spaces for all users
  • Design of circulation flow within the site for all modes of users
  • Emergency vehicle plans
  • Ingress and egress plans
  • Operation of access points
  • Safety assessments
  • Traffic management plan development with provisions for local police
  • Wayfinding and Signage

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