A Passion for Traffic Engineering

The history of Trans Associates Engineering Consultants, Inc. (TA) can be divided into two phases, the establishment and initial growth of the firm, and the period after the majority ownership acquisition by Cynthia A. Jampole, P.E.. The first phase began in February 1989 when Mr. Mark J. Magalotti, P.E. founded the firm in Pittsburgh, PA. One of his first employee hires in 1989 was Cynthia A. Jampole, P.E. The mission of the firm was to provide comprehensive transportation engineering services to public and private sector clients in Western PA.

TA’s clients recognized the benefit of retaining an engineering firm that could not only perform the traffic engineering studies, but also plan, design and implement the solutions. Examples of the firm’s work included assisting private developers with the traffic studies required by local and state authorities for permitting, assisting municipalities with solutions to address traffic congestion, and performing roadway and traffic signal design for various state, local and institutional clients.


Mr. Magalotti retired in 2010 and left the business in the hands of six Principal shareholders who included Ms. Jampole. Over the course of the next 10 years there were retirements and departures among the shareholders which created opportunities for individuals to increase their shares of the firm. And so it was that in July 2020, Ms. Jampole reached the apex of a career spanning more than 35 years and acquired majority ownership of the firm and assumed the CEO role.

Under Ms. Jampole’s leadership, the firm has stabilized and returned to profitable operations. The firm has recently added staff in key positions and is positioned well for future growth in all markets served by the firm.


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