We’ll Take Care of the Paperwork

Trans Associates assists many municipal clients in seeking out funding sources for transportation projects within their communities. We work with our clients to identify appropriate funding sources for a specific project. Most funding sources consider specific improvement project types when making award selections, and our staff is experienced with matching projects to available funding sources.

Since all funding is typically a competition for selection, we assist our clients in identifying the best potential improvement project for a specific funding source. Trans Associates assists in the preparation of the funding application to help position the project for selection by the funding agency.

Services Include:

  • Identify funding sources
  • Assist with preparation of application
  • Identify potential projects for funding
  • Coordinate with sponsoring organization during the review process
  • Assist in agreement execution and project reimbursement

Once the application has been submitted, TA represents the municipality and responds to any questions presented by state DOT’s or any other funding agency during the review process. Once funding is awarded, TA  assists in the execution of the agreements and in the reimbursement process once the project is underway.

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