At the foundation of Trans Associates is our expertise in assessing all types of traffic demands, patterns, habits, and safety considerations, and providing appropriate, cost effective, and innovative solutions. Our professionals have the technical ability, experience and equipment to handle most any project.

Impact Studies

A traffic impact study evaluates the demands placed upon the local transportation network by development. All development generates traffic, and the volume of traffic may necessitate upgrades to the transportation network in the form of turning lanes, signage, driveway additions/modifications, traffic signals or new roadways.

Traffic Calming

Traffic calming measures such as speed humps, raised medians, and curb extensions alter driver behavior and improve conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians. Traffic Calming is often designed for existing local roads and neighborhoods, but the design features also apply to new development.

Traffic Data Collection Analysis

Each project at Trans Associates receives the appropriate level of data collection, analysis, and deliverables relative to the customized scope for the project.  Our project teams are responsive and maintain a high level of communication with clients to assure the process and results are understood and meet project objectives. Deliverables are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Municipal Services

A core mission of Trans Associates business is to serve municipalities by providing innovative solutions for transportation planning and traffic related issues. In addition to our design services for municipalities, Trans Associates regularly serves in an oversight and review capacity. Since our designer and engineers are the same staff as our reviewers, we are well suited to conducting these types of reviews.

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