We Solve Parking Problems

Trans Associates has a specific expertise in parking consulting.  We have found that parking problems are not always due to a lack of parking supply. Problem areas may include access and queuing, circulation, congestion, priority parking needs (ADA, priority parkers, bike facilities), and wayfinding. Often a re-design of existing facilities can be the solution to accommodating a mix of users that has shifted from single occupancy vehicles to a blend of bicyclists, motorcyclists, automobiles and transit users – each with distinct preference in parking amenities.

Trans Associates specializes in analyzing parking demands and solving our client’s unique parking problems. Our parking studies go beyond mere numbers and statistics. We delve deep into understanding your unique requirements and analyzing the specific characteristics of your site, taking into account factors such as user demographics, peak demand periods, and future growth projections. Armed with this valuable insight, we develop customized strategies that not only address your current parking challenges but also provide a roadmap for sustainable, future-proof solutions.

 Our clients include universities, medical facilities, event centers, parking consulting firms, developers and architects. Contact us today to begin  a conversation about the specific parking concerns and goals for your organization or municipality.

Examples of our services may include:

  • Circulation studies
  • Current program assessment
  • Data collection and Analysis Services
  • Design Services
  • Determination of future parking needs
  • Multi-modal parking planning
  • Optimizing available parking supply including parking layout CAD drawings and signage plans
  • Overflow and event parking analysis and planning
  • Parking operation assessments
  • Public engagement including user surveys
  • Shared parking analysis
  • Shuttle system and Valet Parking design
  • Transportation Demand Management Plans

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