Helping Slow Down Traffic

Traffic calming measures alter driver behavior and improve conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians. Traffic Calming is often designed for local streets and neighborhoods, but the design features also apply to new development. Trans Associates provides the engineering studies and analysis required to establish a need for traffic calming measures and further assists municipalities with the development of traffic calming ordinances.

The process begins with a traffic study which is performed to collect data related to speed, volume, and adjacent arterial roads. Analysis of the data follows and incorporates public data related to accidents, parking data, pedestrian and bike activity, emergency service routes, transit routes and the locations of nearby parks and schools.

Traffic Calming measures may include:

  • Addition of Bike Lanes
  • Addition of On-street Parking
  • Bulb-outs
  • Curb Extensions
  • Chicanes
  • Diagonal Diverter
  • Gateways
  • One-way Streets
  • Raised Islands
  • Traffic Circles
  • Semi-diverter
  • Signage and striping plans
  • Turn Prohibitions

Should the data and analysis confirm the need for traffic calming measures, our firm will identify which measures will solve the specific problem and where the solution should be installed. Physical measures may include speed humps, curb extensions, traffic circles, pavement markings and raised islands. Our services also include the creation of bid documents and construction consultation.

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