Transportation Engineering for Colleges & Universities

Trans Associates helps colleges and universities with master plans to ensure that all modes of transportation on campus are safe and will take users when and where they need to go. Our transportation engineering services provide a framework and guidance for long range planning of transportation goals and concerns. Our firm values safety in all modes of transportation and we build safety first into our infrastructure plans.

Trans Associates analyzes specific client concerns within the greater context of the campus as a whole. Our team consider the needs of all visitors, residents, employees and emergency personnel in our planning. The impact of making one small change in access can result in a larger problem elsewhere if the big picture is not considered. Trans performs the appropriate studies and analysis to ensure that all modes of transportation are safe, efficient and forward thinking relative to the client’s long term goals.

Transportation Engineering Services Include:

  • Master Transportation Planning
  • Parking Consulting
  • Bikeway & Pedestrian Design
  • Multi-Modal Assessments
  • Roadway Design
  • Event Planning

Parking is a problem area for many campus facility directors. There is never enough! Trans can address capacity issues, navigation and way finding, parking equipment planning and help with designated or restricted parking demands. We can provide parking layouts and designs within the available space that will maximize traffic flow and parking accommodation. Special events also require planning that we can provide include coordination with law enforcement, traffic safety plans, valet parking and shuttle services.

Higher Education Services Include:

Alternative modes of transportation are growing on campus as fewer students are arriving with their own cars. This increases the need for designated pathways specific to pedestrians and cyclists that will be safe and efficient. Often supporting facilities are added that may include bike racks, changing rooms and repair stations.

Sustainability also factors into many master plans. The overall network of transportation is evaluated to reduce traffic congestion, promote alternative modes of transportation and to provide options for reducing carbon emissions.

Trans Associates has a long history serving the education market and offers a deep well of experience which helps to anticipate and address potential problem areas.

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