At the foundation of Trans Associates is our expertise in assessing all types of traffic demands, patterns, habits, and safety considerations. At the start of every improvement there is the need to assess the current conditions and to thoughtfully consider future impacts. Our professionals have the technical ability, experience, and equipment to handle most any data collection required for transportation studies, assessments, or improvements.

Our Services Include:

  • Traffic Data Collection
    • Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) Counts
    • Directional Turning Movement Counts
    • Origin-Destination Surveys
    • Safety Studies
    • Pedestrian/Bicycle Studies
    • Video recording of peak period traffic conditions and special events
    • Interview surveys of pedestrians, shoppers, commuters, motorists and business owners
    • Field measurement and photo recordation of existing roadway/sidewalk/trail conditions
  • Traffic Volume Data (ADT)
  • Traffic Calming Studies and Policy Development
  • Parking Studies
  • Impact Analysis
  • Corridor and Needs Studies
  • Site Access and Circulation Studies
  • Intermodal Facility Studies

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