Help with Permits

Trans Associates is expert at preparing plans and documents required to secure permits.  New development can impact the surrounding transportation system by increasing traffic volumes and/or changing the existing traffic patterns. Trans Associates provides engineering services for many development types including mixed-use, retail, residential, institutional, industrial and recreational facilities.

Trans Associates performs Transportation Impact Studies for developers as required by the City of Pittsburgh to determine the impacts to traffic, pedestrians, bicycles, parking and loading for proposed developments within the City. Services include data collection and analysis, recommendations report and meetings with the City Planning Commission.

Traffic Studies & Analysis

A traffic impact study will assess the effects that a specific development’s traffic will have on the transportation network within the community.   Proposed driveways are also evaluated for sight distances, safety and traffic capacities. The studies can vary in range of detail and complexity depending upon the type of development proposed. All impacts are fully analyzed, disclosed and mitigated.

The traffic studies help both the developer and the community to consider the impacts of the study, the improvements that might be required and the feasibility of moving forward with the project in that specific location within the community. The results from a traffic study can help determine the need for signals, access lanes or other roadway improvements. Recommended improvements are engineered and designed by Trans Associates’ signals and roadway design groups.

Design Services

Our design engineers strive to provide a balance between environmental impacts, community values, mobility, safety and budget. Design scope may include driveways, turn lanes, parking lot layout, interior roadways, ADA accessibility and connectivity to adjacent developments. Safety is a top design priority to ensure that the needs of all road users are met safely. Effective internal circulation is designed with residents, business owners, visitors and tenants in mind to maximize convenience and minimize congestion and traffic impacts on neighboring roads.

TA Analysis – It’s in the details

Trans Associate’s has a reputation for technical detail and our HOP plans are comprehensive and complete.  Our goal is to develop plans that will serve to acquire the necessary permits and to provide plans that will see our client through the construction phase with minimal change orders or clarification needed during construction. There is a big difference in plan development for permits and the detail required for construction. We understand that for our developer clients, time is money and we don’t intend to waste it.

In addition to roadway design, our design services include hydraulic and hydrologic studies, erosion and sediment control plans, detailed pavement marking plans and ADA ramp design. Our deliverables can include cost estimates for construction and complete bid documents with plans and specifications. Need help after the project gets underway? Our team offers construction monitoring services as well.

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