Improving the Customer Experience by Solving “Getting There”

Solving Access and Parking Problems
Improving the customer experience is the mission for competitive healthcare organizations. Trans Associates assists our healthcare clients to ensure their customer first impressions are positive. Customers arriving at healthcare facilities want to navigate quickly and conveniently.  The arrival experience makes a big impact on the customer’s perception of the organization. Why not make the first customer experience a great one?

Trans Associates’ provides wayfinding and optimized parking solutions for all users and modes of transportation.   We solve specific transportation problems such as emergency vehicle access, user-specific parking concerns and circulation of all traffic on the property.   And we help with the bigger picture view of comprehensive planning by analyzing the transportation impacts of anticipated future development. 

Traffic and Parking Aspects of Healthcare Planning include:

Data Collection and Analysis – Traffic studies and parking studies evaluate the demands placed upon the transportation network of the healthcare campus. Additional studies include safety concerns, ADA site access, site circulation and wayfinding, bicycle and pedestrian access, and public transportation studies and surveys.

Transportation Demand Management – Development of shuttle systems, valet parking systems and operations, off-site parking, optimizing current on-site capacity, priority parking plans to align arriving customers, doctors, and emergency personnel with proximate parking.

Design – Design of driveway and internal roadway segments, traffic signal design, design of loading areas,  truck traffic circulation plans, pedestrian and bicycling pathways, and ADA facilities.

Parking Services – Parking studies and demand models, parking demand management strategies including optimization of current facilities and methods to increase parking capacity, parking lot design, parker allocation strategies, parking access equipment specifications, parking rate development.

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