Does Your Property Need Access to a Public Road? Call Trans Associates!

Property owners and developers must acquire Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP)  when requesting access to state, municipal or county roads with a new or modified drive or roadway. Trans Associates assists our clients with acquiring HOP permits quickly and efficiently.

The process for obtaining an HOP typically begins with a traffic impact study (TIS.) A TIS determines the current and future impacts of traffic volume that may be generated by the proposed site accesses. The study involves data collection of current traffic levels and provides analysis and reporting on anticipated required improvements.

Advantages of Trans Associates HOP Service

1. Trans Associates has been making HOP submissions to PennDOT and other agencies for more than 30 years. We understand the process and procedures. Our submittals are comprehensive and complete.

2. We take pride in the fact that our HOP plans are extremely detailed. Our goal is not to simply obtain a permit, but to see our clients through the construction phase with little to no further clarification from us. Our plans are precise, detailed and accurate.

3. We have experience with HOP’s for every type of client under a variety of jurisdictions. We have performed HOP work for architects, consulting engineers, developers, retailers, utility companies, business owners and institutions. We understand what needs to be done and we execute efficiently.

4. Because of our familiarity with the Highway Occupancy Permit process, Trans Associates was selected as part of an open-end agreement with PennDOT to review two publications (170 and 282) pertaining to HOP.  The effort was undertaken to consolidate the documents into one comprehensive publication related to HOP.

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