Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Master Plan

Traffic Engineering / Parking Consulting

UPMC retained Trans Associates to determine the parking, traffic, and pedestrian impacts of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Master Plan for the Lawrenceville site on the former campus of St. Francis Hospital.  In addition, our firm assisted in general site design issues relative to traffic and pedestrian access, loading and queuing.

Trans Associates’ services included:

  • Data collection including turning movement counts, traffic volumes, traffic operations, lane usage, crosswalks, pedestrian signal equipment, pedestrian counts, employee home zip code information, employee surveys, parking accumulation counts, and sight distance measurements
  • Parking analysis including determination of existing and future parking demand, parking layout reviews, evaluation of truck loading conditions, and development of a future parking allocation and management plan for the campus
  • Traffic analysis including determination of existing and future traffic volumes, trip arrival/departure distributions for employees, patients and visitors, mitigation measures for future master plan developments, traffic signal warrant analyses, evaluation of pedestrian access and safety, sight distance evaluations, traffic simulation modeling, completion of a mass transit analysis including existing and proposed bus and shuttle routes/stops, off-site shuttle lot operations and logistics plan for patient move to the new facility, including travel route, police and ambulance routing coordination.