First Avenue Intermodal Parking Facility Study

Trans Associates was retained by the City of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning to conduct a parking study for the construction of the First Avenue Parking Garage.   The garage houses approximately 1,250 spaces, and connects to a Transit station.  The study objectives were to identify impacts upon the traffic, parking, and pedestrian activity, and to develop appropriate mitigation strategies as necessary. These objectives were accomplished through the:

  • Performance of traffic and pedestrian counts, and analysis of traffic conditions to identify existing problems
  • Projection of future 2009 base traffic and pedestrian volumes by projecting area-wide traffic and pedestrian growth
  • Assessment of traffic and pedestrian operations under 2009 base conditions
  • Projection of future 2009 combined traffic and pedestrian volumes including the proposed parking garage development
  • Assessment of traffic and pedestrian operations under 2009 combined conditions and determination of mitigating actions required to address the impacts of the proposed parking garage
  • Assessment of existing on-street parking in the area adjacent to the proposed garage development