Flight 93 National Memorial Study

Traffic Engineering and Parking Consulting

Trans Associates was retained by Environmental Management Collaboration (EMC), on behalf of the National Parks Services (NPS) to complete a Phase I study of a proposed National Memorial for the commercial airline flight that crashed on September 11, 2001 in Pennsylvania previous to reaching its Washington D.C. target.

The objectives of Phase I of the Flight 93 National Memorial Traffic Impact Study was to assess the existing traffic and roadway conditions, and evaluate preliminary access scenarios, as provided by the National Park Service (NPS), to find the best site access option to accommodate visitors to the site, as well as minimize impacts to residents of Stonycreek Township.

Trans Associates’ services included:

  • Data collection including automatic traffic recorders (ATR’s), accident data, traffic operations monitoring, signage and parking data.
  • Preliminary site access evaluation, including site distance evaluation and traffic impact assessment.
  • Site access recommendations.