Hampton Community Park Loop Trail – Phase 1

Hampton Township is a suburban community located in the north central area of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The Community Park is the heart of the Township’s recreational offerings and is an activity hub for Hampton Township residents. The park contains a variety of sport courts, picnic pavilions, a pool, as well as a 51,000 square foot community center and library. The addition of a multi-use trail had been a top requested added feature in annual community surveys for years.

The Township received a Gaming Economic Development Tourism Fund (GEDTF) grant in 2019 and design of Phase 1 of the 1.5 mile loop trail began. The loop trail design featured 10 foot wide crushed limestone path designed to meet ADA standards for slope and surface. Trail grades were less than ­­­5 percent except for the spurs to the Rachel Carson Trail and the Irma Kost Natural Area which were also included in the project work scope. The length of the trail in Phase 1  was 0.58 miles long plus the added spurs.

Sustainability was a factor in the design. Drainage was designed to meet Best Management Practices to minimize the impact to adjacent park land and park amenities and all topsoil remained on site to filter water and absorb carbon. Solar powered LED luminaires were specified as a sustainable source of lighting along the trail.The project was bid in the Winter of 2020/2021 and completed Summer 2021.

Trans Associates assisted with the funding application, performed the design, prepared plans and bidding documents, and provided construction consultation.