Hilliard Comprehensive Plan

Trans Associates was part of a consultant team that assisted the City of Hilliard in the development of a comprehensive plan. The goal of the project was to create a plan that would help the City focus on making decisions that would promote an economically and socially healthy community.

The transportation portion of the project was comprised of four basic work areas: thoroughfare planning, mobility planning, preliminary engineering and roundabout analyses, and traffic operations. The goal was to provide  a means of mobility and choice of modes considering motorists, transit, pedestrians, bicyclists and users with disabilities.

The process included refinements by Trans Associates to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s Travel Demand Model to test and evaluate alternative local and regional roadway systems.  Trans Associates identified existing and anticipated roadway capacity problems using projected land-use information prepared by the City and the consultant team as inputs to the travel demand model. Recommendations were made to add roadway system capacity and to also better manage travel demands. A thoroughfare plan was defined and future lane use requirements were identified for the roadway network accounting for specific design criteria and street type.