Mayview Road Public Improvements

The Township of Upper St. Clair, a prominent residential community located ten miles south of Pittsburgh undertook an ambitious community recreation center project.  The Community & Recreation Center at Boyce Mayview Park includes over 475 acres of protected wetlands, ten miles of walking trails, an environmental center, multi-purpose fields, Chartiers Creek, a first-class fitness facility, an indoor/outdoor aquatics center and more.  Trans Associates worked with the Township to complete the Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP) Process for the public improvements needed to facilitate access to the center.  TA developed roadway design plans for roadway widening and reconstruction including the following:

  • Widening Mayview Road (S.R. 3005) to provide a left turn lane into the center driveway;
  • Reconstructing Mayview road for approximately 2,000 feet to meet current design criteria and provide improved safety features including shoulders and guiderail treatments;
  • Preparing detour plans for the complete closure of  Mayview Road (S.R. 3005) to allow the reconstruction;
  • Drainage design and permitting;
  • Relocation of and coordination with existing utilities – utility poles and an existing waterline required relocation for this project;
  • Coordination with geotechnical engineers to provide the retaining wall needed to facilitate the widening adjacent to a conservation area; and
  • Providing on-site construction consultation and observation for the duration of the improvement project.

Trans Associates was tasked by Upper St. Clair to take the lead on the HOP and overall design process for this project.  TA was involved in virtually all aspects of the roadway improvement activities including extensive coordination with PennDOT and the Township, roadway design, drainage design, environmental permitting, property and release coordination, and on-site construction consultation and observation.  Furthermore, during the on-site construction consultation and observation, TA coordinated the relay and relocation of an existing water line that required relocation due to poor roadway subgrade conditions.  In order to accommodate the mitigation needed for the poor subgrade conditions, the water line needed to be excavated, isolation valves installed, and the line relayed into a deeper trench.  TA was on-site to coordinate these activities with PAWC, the water line contractor, and the highway contractor to facilitate a quick resolution for the utility issue during construction.