North Catholic High School

The Diocese of Pittsburgh obtained a 68-acre site in Cranberry Township along Route 228. The plan was to develop the site to build a new high school that would accommodate the relocation of Pittsburgh’s North Catholic High School to Cranberry. The new school serves up to 20 school districts north of the city and has a capacity of up to 1,200 students.

Trans Associates completed a Transportation Impact Study TIS) and represented the Diocese in the approval process with the Township and PennDOT. Once the TIS was obtained, Trans undertook the design and permitting process for the roadway improvements including:

  • A new signalized intersection along Franklin Road (S.R. 3021) at the new Hillmont Drive connecting to the school driveway which included decorative signal poles and fixtures, ADA pedestrian facilities such as curb ramps and sidewalks as well as inlaid decorative crosswalk treatments;
  • Major upgrades and widening to Franklin Road (S.R. 3021) from Route 228 beyond Hillmont Drive including auxiliary turn lanes, significant utility coordination and relocation for multiple owners, and stormwater system analysis, design and reconstruction along with new stormwater detention facilities;
  • Channelization and realignment of existing local roadways;
  • A new right-in/right-out school driveway along Route 228 including an auxiliary right turn lane; and the extension of existing turn lanes on Route 228;
  • Coordination and obtaining approval for project construction access from State routes; and
  • Assistance to the Diocese in obtaining right-of-way, easements and releases from more than a dozen property owners in order to facilitate the required roadway improvements.