S.R. 0018 Signal Retiming Project

Traffic Engineering and Traffic Signal Design

The City of Hermitage retained Trans Associates (TA) to analyze and evaluate traffic signal timings along S.R. 0018 (South Hermitage Road/North Hermitage Road). The City had been experiencing a number of coordination and timing issues since the new signals were constructed and placed into operation.

In order to evaluate the existing system operation and develop optimized timings, TA provided the following services:

  • Up-to-date traffic (turning movement) counts at all six (6) intersections within the signal system.
  • Analysis of the existing coordinated system to determine delays, capacity and queuing issues, and their causes, using Highway Capacity Software (HCS) and Synchro/SimTraffic. Further analysis was also conducted to determine the optimal coordinated system cycle lengths, offsets and split timings.
  • Inspection of controller cabinets with the City’s signal maintenance contractor
  • Preparation of an operational analysis report summarizing data collection, analysis and inspection.
  • Revisions to the traffic signal permit plans incorporating the new timings
  • On-site technical support for timing implementations.