Tower at PNC Plaza

Traffic, Parking, Pedestrian and Loading Study

The PNC Financial Services Group retained Trans Associates to perform a transportation study for the proposed 33-story Tower at PNC Plaza with parking garage, located in the Center Business District of the City of Pittsburgh.  Our firm conducted a traffic impact and parking demand study to meet City of Pittsburgh requirements and determine appropriate mitigation measures.  In addition, Trans Associates evaluated the truck loading and parking garage design, pedestrian, transit and bicycle conditions and prepared the Traffic Management Plan.

Trans Associates’ services included:

Data Collection: Conducted vehicular, truck, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian counts and performed a field reconnaissance of all study intersections.

Parking/Loading Analysis: Determined future parking demand, evaluated proposed parking garage layout, and evaluated truck loading, providing advice to the architect on these items.

Transportation Analysis: Calculated anticipated site generated traffic volumes, site traffic distributions, and future traffic volumes with and without the proposed development. Performed capacity and queue analysis to determine appropriate traffic, signal and roadway mitigation measures to meet the City of Pittsburgh requirements, and assessed pedestrian, transit and bicycle conditions as well.

Public Process:  TA presented the transportation study to City departments, the Port Authority of Allegheny County, and the City Planning Commission.