Valley Vista Drive, Centre County, PA

The Valley Vista Drive improvement project began with a traffic and safety study to address increasing traffic, long queues and a growing number of crashes reported along the roadway in Patton Township.  Trans Associates studied the intersections of Amblewood Way, Oakley Drive, Sandy Ridge Road and Devonshire Drive.

The study recommended that turn lanes be installed at each of the intersections since signal warrants were not met.  Project manager, Nick Schaefer, assisted Patton Township with securing the $800,000 Multimodal Grant from PennDOT that made the recommended improvements possible.  Once the funding was in place, Trans Associates performed final design for the widening of Valley Vista Drive to accommodate the 4 key turn lanes along the corridor.  The project involved a public plans display and presentation as well as coordination with PennDOT District 2-0.

Services also included plans, specification and estimates preparation for bidding on ECMS and construction consultation services.