Walter Business Park

Trans Associates was retained to conduct a traffic impact study for the Walter Business Park located in Greenfield Township, Blair County, PA. The park consisted of 80-acres and a 124,000 SF corporate headquarters space. To support the proposed development, a planned connector road with new intersections was included in the study.

Trans Associates completed a feasibility study to determine the appropriateness of the site location relative to traffic impacts, trip distribution and access points. In addition to capacity analysis and trip planning, an assessment was made of the historic bridges within the environs of the site. Due to the current state of the bridges, it was determined to reroute all truck traffic around them.

Trans Associates provided data collection, traffic analysis, and recommendations on traffic mitigation measures for the proposed business park. An extensive evaluation of the signalized intersections was performed within the study area. An existing 5-way intersection was modified to include turning lanes and added advance left-turn phasing.