Auxiliary Truck Parking Lot Design

Pennsylvania Turnpike Lawn Service Plaza

In 2015, Trans Associates was tasked by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) to complete a Systemwide Truck Parking Improvement Study. The study evaluated existing service plazas and identified other possible locations where land was available to provide truck parking facilities. Lawn Service Plaza was ultimately selected and Trans Associates performed the design of the facility. The goal of this project was to maximize the availability of tractor trailer truck parking at the plaza. The PTC owned adjacent land which was used for this purpose. The design from Trans Associates added 77 dedicated tractor-trailer parking spaces which increased available truck parking by more than five fold.

The project included:

  1. 6.3 acres of full-depth concrete pavement for the truck parking and circulation area;

  2. Installation of signing and pavement markings;

  3. Expansion of an existing stormwater detention basin;

  4. Construction of a new, larger stormwater detention basin to protect exceptional value wetlands;

  5. Repaving of an employee parking area and access road;

  6. Relocation of the electric service for the Plaza underground; and

  7. Upgrades to the plaza-wide LED lighting.

Nearly 5 Football Fields in Size!

Additional infrastructure was also installed for video monitoring of the new lot, and to facilitate a future ITS integration which would provide truck drivers on the Turnpike with advance information that would include parking space availability. The Plaza access points were reconfigured in the design, but remained open during construction for daily deliveries, employee arrivals and turnpike access for emergency vehicles.

Safety Design

The truck parking location was designed to be spatially separated from other classes of vehicles and the many pedestrians using the Plaza. There is a wide wide access from the existing truck ramp and wide aisles for turns and maneuvering. Exclusive pull-through parking bays further minimize conflicts between tractor trailers within the new lot. Lighting for the existing Plaza and the new truck parking area was upgraded with efficient LED lighting to provide safety and security for cars, trucks and pedestrians at night. Additional installed security cameras will enhance safety and security for truckers parking overnight.