Trans Associates Receives PAUCP Certification as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Today was a banner day, capping off 15 months of pursuit of a DBE certification. We are super excited here at the firm, but more importantly, we want to share why this is important for our clients and teaming partners.

Trans Associates has been in business since 1989 offering transportation engineering services. That’s a good long time. Long enough to see the industry change from designing roadways for maximum throughput of the automobile, to now thoughtfully considering the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists and other citizens previously excluded from the priorities of regional transportation initiatives.

Throughout this time, Trans Associates has continued to adapt and grow, assisting clients  with transportation studies and design plans that are of the highest technical quality. Our staff, many of whom have been here for more than 20 years, is experienced and eager to apply their experience to new transportation challenges. For our clients and teaming partners, this means they have the benefit of working with the “A” team. Our team is responsive and nimble, with  experience they can apply to a variety of transportation issues. Contact us today to learn more!

Key staff include:

Cynthia A. (Cindy)  Jampole, PE, Principal/CEO – Cindy is responsible for the overall management of the firm. She is active in a hands-on approach with projects, performing engineering tasks and overseeing project delivery. She is widely recognized for her expertise in performing Transportation Impact Studies (TIS) and parking studies required by the City of Pittsburgh for development/redevelopment project approval.

Robert E. (Bob) Goetz, PE, Principal been with the firm since the doors opened. Bob continues to manage a broad portfolio of transportation projects ranging from municipal reviews and transportation studies to design plans for trails and roadway projects. He  has  PennDOT open end experience and performed various studies for the PA Turnpike including the Point of Access Stud for the recently completed Southern Beltway project.

Terence V. (Terry) Olesniewicz, PE, Principal/Design Services has 23 years of experience with the firm and is responsible for oversight of the design engineering staff and project management. Terry is highly experienced with PennDOT’s HOP process and project development process which is important for  private and public clients and teaming partners as well.

Nicholas J. (Nick) Schaefer, PE, PTOE, Principal/Transportation Services has 20 years of experience serving public and private clients in Central PA. Nick specializes in traffic engineering and transportation planning.

Clifford D. (Cliff) Eich, PE, Principal/Traffic Design has twelve years of experience in transportation engineering, specializing in traffic design. His project experience includes traffic signal and signal system design, streetscape/complete street design, traffic control plans, signing and pavement marking plans for local, state and private clients.


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