The Ohio State University Transportation Planning Services

Trans Associates has provided The Ohio State University with high level planning and assessment of the transportation networks that support the University’s large scale complex developments.

Detailed traffic studies are undertaken with reporting prepared to identify the necessary transportation improvements that will accommodate the planned future development. Critical subjects of study include access for all modes of travel, circulation, transit, and roadway planning.

Pickaway County Traffic Open End

Trans Associates has proudly served Pickaway County by providing traffic engineering services for more than 10 years. Work scopes have ranged from simple access studies to reviews of traffic studies for large scale developments such as the 383 acre development with 4.4 million SF of automated warehouse space located near Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal.

Services Performed

Traffic Studies – Consult with County officials on various traffic engineering and/or transportation issues and provide appropriate recommendations.

Traffic Impact Study Reviews – Assist in the definition of items to be addressed in traffic impact studies and review submitted studies.

Engineering reviews – Review of traffic signal plans and preliminary site development plans.

Access Studies – Develop recommendations related to proposed site access and internal circulation systems. Recent project included Circleville’s Heritage Nazarene Church and the reevaluation of site access associated with continuing development of Richenbacker Global Logistics Park.

Consulting – Providing engineering or technical advice on other matters as requested by the County.

Northstar Development, Southern Delaware County, OH

Northstar Golf Resort is a development of nearly 1,290 acres in southern Delaware County, Ohio, near the interchange of I-71 with US 36/SR 37. The original development plan called for building approximately 900 single-family homes, 270 multi-family dwelling units, 200 Tennis & Swim Club Villa units, 860,000 square feet of office development, an 18-hole golf course, and a passive recreation park with approximately 36 acres reserved for elementary and middle schools. The 2005 development plan included the improvement and realignment of Wilson Road between North Galena Road and Carters Corner Road – along with the extension of Wilson Road west of North Galena Road and south to a new intersection with US 36/SR 37.


Traffic Studies – Data Collection and analysis, access and circulation studies, traffic signal warrants.

Design – Concept design alternatives for interchange, traffic signal design.

Transportation Planning – Site access and circulation planning, intersection design, roadway design concepts.

The Ohio State University Medical Center Campus Master Plan

OSU’s master plan presents a vision of growth, renovation and relocations on the medical campus that will occur over the next ten to twenty years. In order for the Medical Center to reach its envisioned goals and to successfully “compete” in the healthcare market, an efficient transportation system had to be planned to effectively accommodate patients and visitors; medical, research, and administrative staff; faculty and students; and, most importantly, emergency services. In addition, the Medical Center requirements were folded into the overall transportation system requirements of the OSU campus.

Trans Associates assisted with identifying a traffic and transportation system master plan to meet both near- and long-term requirements of the Medical Center and OSU in general. Services include transportation planning, feasibility studies for a new parking structure, traffic signal warrant studies and the design of three traffic signal installations with signal interconnect.

S.R. 208 Access Management Study

The development of the Grove City Premium Outlets in the 1990’s led to significant growth in traffic and other commercial development. Springfield Township needed a better means of controlling the ways in which vehicles accessed major roadways along a 2.3 mile section of SR 208. The average daily traffic was 12,000 vehicles near I-79 with 57 access points, or 25 access points per mile. The objective of the study was to limit and consolidate access points along SR 208 to accommodate current and future anticipated development.

  • Access Management
  • Existing Conditions Analysis
  • Capacity Analyses
  • Queuing Analyses
  • Crash History Analysis
  • Development of a supporting street system schematic

Trans Associates developed an access management study and draft ordinance for Springfield Township, Mercer County, PA. Although the Township had a pre-existing access management ordinance, pressure from ongoing development and additional need for access within the corridor prompted the comprehensive study and revisions to the ordinance. TA recommended spacing of intersections, signals and driveways, a parallel access road, center two-way left turn lanes and limited access driveways.

Columbus Wayfinding Program

Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District (CCSID) was formed in 2001 to help make downtown Columbus “the cleanest, safest and best place to live work and play in central Ohio.”

Capital Crossroads determined that the District would benefit from a Downtown wayfinding program of improved signage in and near the District that directs pedestrian and vehicular traffic to and from dining, recreational, and cultural attractions, special districts, and other sites of interest. The wayfinding program included the design and installation of pedestrian map kiosks, pedestrian-oriented directional signage, parking and parking rate signs, and sidewalk-mounted vehicular directional signs.

Working with CCSID and their sign designers and fabricators, Trans Associates prepared plans for the installation of all signs in the system, working in tandem with the CCSID and their sign designer and fabricator. This included gaining permits from the City of Columbus for the installation of about 55 pedestrian kiosks and 85 vehicular directional signs.

Downtown Columbus Circulation Study

The adopted Strategic Business Plan for Downtown Columbus represented a community-wide consensus based on feedback and ideas from hundreds of community and business leaders. As an element of the action plan, the City initiated the “Downtown Columbus Circulation Study”.

A primary goal of these planning efforts was to improve “livability” to support redevelopment, while maintaining appropriate mobility.
This project included the investigation of:
(1) what streets can be converted from one-way to two-way,
(2) if streets must remain one-way, what can be done to make them more “livable”,
(3) how transit can be incorporated into the Downtown system,
(4) traffic calming features to enhance the Downtown environment,
(5) potentials for on-street parking, and
(6) design guidelines for improving the pedestrian and bicycle systems

Several streets were converted from one-way to two-way operations, on-street parking was added, and pedestrian and biking facilities were installed. Trans Associates was responsible for traffic volume forecasting, the assessment of various road diet alternatives, and the conceptual planning of the preferred plans for such streets as Marconi Boulevard/Civic Center Drive, Town Street, and Front Street.

Ferguson Township 2030 Horizon Year Transportation Study

Trans Associates conducted traffic modeling and intersection analysis for key intersections within Ferguson Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania. The purpose of the model was to predict future traffic demand and conditions of township roads for the year 2030.  Results of the study are incorporated into the community’s transportation plan.

Trans Associates provided traffic analysis for a total of 36 signalized and unsignalized intersections. Data was collected at each intersection, and trip generation and land use data was modeled using VISUM to predict the added volumes at each intersection. Each intersection was analyzed to determine the need for improvements or upgrades to accommodate the added traffic.