Intersection Improvement – Route 8 and Duncan Avenue, Township of Hampton

Trans Associates was initially retained by Hampton Township to complete transportation analysis studies and concept level alignments to address capacity and alignment issues at the intersection of Route 8 and Duncan Avenue. Our firm was then selected by the Township to complete the design plans and documents as part of a PennDOT Partnership project.

The project included:
• Widening for northbound and southbound left turn lanes on Route 8;
• Realigning Duncan Avenue and widening for an eastbound right turn lane;
• Installation of a new traffic signal with optimized timings and phasings;
• Design of a specialty caisson foundation behind an existing wall for a signal pole;
• Providing ADA accessible curb ramps, sidewalks and crosswalks which are physically constrained by an existing retaining wall on the east side of Route 8;
• Providing a park-and-ride lot to accommodate Myers Coach Line buses with access drives from Route 8 and Duncan Avenue.

The project area had several physical constraints and challenges such as the bridge carrying Route 8 over Pine Creek south of the intersection, a concrete retaining wall along the eastern side of Route 8, the BP gas station along the western side, and the Duncan Avenue bridge over Gourdhead Run. A regional storm water management project eliminated some physical constraints by replacing the existing Duncan Avenue stone arch bridge with a concrete pre-cast culvert. There were also significant utility coordination issues including avoiding major fiber optic duct banks on both sides of Route 8 and relocating an existing waterline and gas line on the western side of the roadway.

Trans Associates was involved in all aspects of the roadway improvement activities including extensive coordination with PennDOT and Hampton Township, roadway design, drainage design, environmental permitting, right-of-way investigation, coordination and plans preparation, traffic signal design, and construction consultation.

The Ohio State University Medical Center Campus Master Plan

OSU’s master plan presents a vision of growth, renovation and relocations on the medical campus that will occur over the next ten to twenty years. In order for the Medical Center to reach its envisioned goals and to successfully “compete” in the healthcare market, an efficient transportation system had to be planned to effectively accommodate patients and visitors; medical, research, and administrative staff; faculty and students; and, most importantly, emergency services. In addition, the Medical Center requirements were folded into the overall transportation system requirements of the OSU campus.

Trans Associates assisted with identifying a traffic and transportation system master plan to meet both near- and long-term requirements of the Medical Center and OSU in general. Services include transportation planning, feasibility studies for a new parking structure, traffic signal warrant studies and the design of three traffic signal installations with signal interconnect.

School Flasher Brandywine Drive

College Township  wanted to address an increase in the number of students crossing a windy township road on the way to and from school.  The residents desired the added visibility that a school zone flasher could provide. 

Trans Associates conducted a field survey and prepared base mapping for the preliminary design in accordance with PennDOT Publication 149M Traffic Signal Design Handbook and Publication 148 Traffic Standards Signals.

The flasher was designed with solar power which reduced the installation expense for the project. The flasher features LED lighting for additional energy savings and lowered maintenance costs.

S.R. 0018 Signal Retiming Project

Traffic Engineering and Traffic Signal Design

The City of Hermitage retained Trans Associates (TA) to analyze and evaluate traffic signal timings along S.R. 0018 (South Hermitage Road/North Hermitage Road). The City had been experiencing a number of coordination and timing issues since the new signals were constructed and placed into operation.

In order to evaluate the existing system operation and develop optimized timings, TA provided the following services:

  • Up-to-date traffic (turning movement) counts at all six (6) intersections within the signal system.
  • Analysis of the existing coordinated system to determine delays, capacity and queuing issues, and their causes, using Highway Capacity Software (HCS) and Synchro/SimTraffic. Further analysis was also conducted to determine the optimal coordinated system cycle lengths, offsets and split timings.
  • Inspection of controller cabinets with the City’s signal maintenance contractor
  • Preparation of an operational analysis report summarizing data collection, analysis and inspection.
  • Revisions to the traffic signal permit plans incorporating the new timings
  • On-site technical support for timing implementations.

City of Pittsburgh Central Business District Traffic Signals Project

Signal Design Services

Trans Associates was retained by The City of Pittsburgh to perform signal upgrades at intersections throughout the City’s Central Business District. The objective of the project was to bring the downtown signals up to current standards and incorporate accessibility improvements, increase visibility of signals and improve the consistency of protected left turn signals.

Additional design features included accessible pedestrian indicator systems, ADA upgrades, signal pole foundations, curb extensions and stormwater system modifications.

Services provided by Trans Associates’ team  include:

  • Traffic signal design
  • Preliminary and final roadway design
  • Traffic analysis
  • Preliminary and final field survey
  • Preliminary and final existing utilities investigation/relocation
  • Level 1b Category Exclusion Evaluation (CEE)
  • Preliminary and final Erosion and Sedimentary Control Plan
  • Preliminary and final Right-of-Way Investigation
  • Regulatory and parking signage
  • P.S.&E. Submission

Lemont Traffic Signal Design

Signal Design

Trans Associates was retained by College Township to provide a new traffic signal design for the intersection of Pike Street (S.R. 3011) / Branch Road (S.R. 3011) / Elmwood Street (S.R. 3010) / Boalsburg Road (S.R. 3010). The objective was to design an upgraded traffic signal and assure that the required easement area would be sufficient to accommodate the new signal pole location.

The project entailed: decorative traffic signal pole bases, painted black traffic signal poles and controller assembly cabinet, overhead street name signs with green background, Light Emitting Diode (LED) vehicular and pedestrian signals, pedestrian pushbuttons, replacement of the existing “signal ahead” assembly (including pole), emergency vehicle preemption, crosswalks on three sides of the intersection, and MMA (methyl methacrylate) durable pavement markings.

Trans Associates’ services included:

  • Preliminary Traffic Signal Design including preparation of construction plans and review of clearance intervals.
  • Final Traffic Signal Design including wiring diagrams, permit drawings, construction cost estimates, and bid forms.

S.R. 0038 Crash Avoidance System Design

Signal Design

As part of their District 10-0 Open End Agreement, Trans Associates has been retained to design a crash avoidance device for unsignalized intersections in Butler County including S.R. 0038 and Hooker Road in Concord Township and S.R. 0038 and S.R. 0138 in Washington Township.

Trans Associates’ services included:

  • Preliminary and final designs including a field survey, field condition review with speed data collection, utility coordination, environmental clearances, and preliminary construction plan.
  • Preparation of plans, specifications and estimate submission in accordance with PennDOT requirements.
  • Provision of field construction consultation.